Survey Results
Survey Results

The Catalyst Paper Tis’kwat Mill Worker Needs Assessment was designed and distributed by Lift Community Services of qathet Society, and was funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. The intended outcome of the of this survey is to provide insights into how workers impacted by the Catalyst Paper Tis’kwat Mill indefinite mill curtailment can be supported during this time of transition.

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Lift Community Services focuses on helping all people thrive in the qathet region by reducing social inequities and by providing support and advocacy for anyone who needs it. Our vision is a welcoming, inclusive, and diversity-affirming community that is free of poverty and full of heart.

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We value and welcome people with different identities and we seek opportunities to engage the wisdom and experiences of all people.

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We value personal growth and provide a rich and nurturing environment for our staff and clients to reach their potential. We strive every day to increase our impacts on our clients and our community.

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Community Focus

We put the community first in all of our decisions and we take open and transparent collaborative approaches to create capacity and solve community challenges.

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